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Placed-Based Philanthropy

Placed-Based Philanthropy

The park is a major investment designed to bring health and joy to our communities, and is an undertaking in which we are incredibly excited. We are now adding a new, and very important layer – and in a big way

– Brett Graham

We are excited to announce that the THF Park is Now Open! The Texoma Health Foundation has invested $7.9M in the construction of a $14M health and wellness park designed for our region.

Located at 3801 S US 75/Denison, TX this project would not be possible without the private-public partnership with the City of Denison and Gateway Village, along with numerous local, state and national partners that have helped support and inspire us.

For more information or to schedule an event, please visit the THF Park website or contact the City of Denison at (903) 463-5116.


We wanted to share with you three key points that led us to make this important decision for our service area.

1. Our Mission: Our mission statement can be found prominently displayed and repeatedly posted throughout our offices. It is the first reminder presented at every meeting and printed on all packets. THF’s mission is “to support the health and well-being of the people in the communities in which we serve”. Staying focused and true to our mission with a servant’s heart is an essential focus for us.

2. Our Donors: Since our inception as an independent public foundation eight years ago, we have continued to receive support from donors every year who connect to our mission. This allows us to do a little more each year. Their support over the years has helped us to grow and do more for Texoma.

3. Our Evaluation & Planning: Over those eight years, we have consistently focused on evaluation and planning. Annually, we are monitoring our successes and ways to improve; reviewing local, state and national data; conducting forums and site visits; analyzing surveys; reading national studies and reports; and searching for best practices across the US.

Three years ago this work led us to begin discussions about systems change, change in healthcare outcomes and creating a culture of health across our population. Regardless of the wording used, each of these areas lead back to one key question. How do you create a healthier Texoma?

In addition to evaluation and research that led to strong statistics, best practices and reports supporting community wellness activities, we circled back to our focus on mission. There is nothing that rings more true to THF’s mission than creating opportunities for ALL residents to have a healthy and happy life.

The Texoma Health Foundation Park, to be located in our own backyard at Gateway Village, and designed to be regional in scope, is the Foundation’s first step in this effort. This is the beginning of our work to proactively invest in our community to create a place of wellness across our region.