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About Reba’s Ranch House

About Reba’s Ranch House

About Reba's Ranch House

Reba’s Ranch House provides a warm place to stay for families of patients in local medical facilities. Made possible due to the love of Reba McEntire, the Ranch House has touched over 31,000 lives because of her continued love for our community.


Reba’s Ranch House is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While we gather together for holidays with friends and loved ones, the House is never closed. Staff and volunteers are consistently working to provide the needed environment of care and support to our families who are often facing difficult decisions. Reba’s Ranch House incorporates holistic care, working to provide a calm setting for rest, warm meals for nourishment and sensitive staff for spiritual connections. To make this possible, the House depends greatly on donated meals from area churches and restaurants and still has meal-time opportunities in order to offer evening nourishment. Donated pantry and cleaning items are also always needed to keep the house operational. Volunteers are considered “angels of the house” and are needed to help us care and love for our families. Caregiver resources and support groups are also incorporated to assist families during their stay.

Reba’s Ranch House is a long-standing and proud member of the Healthcare Hospitality Network. The Ranch House’s Director, Marilyn Bice serves on the Network’s Conference and Membership Committees, participates in annual surveys, group support efforts and attends conferences annually to continually better the House.