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Community Grants

THF’s Grant Cycle is now CLOSED!

Grants to nonprofits in the Texoma area are made possible through unrestricted gifts to THF and annual investment income. Over $7 million has been awarded through THF’s community grants and giving program since its inception in 2007. THF’s Grants and Giving Committee has distributed a total of 144 grant awards to 47 unique organizations over the four county service area.

Grants can support program needs, operations or capital improvements with a strong emphasis on match (cash and/or in-kind), evaluation and sustainability.


The Integrity of the Process is to maintain a fair, confidential and objective review for ALL applicants. This safeguard provides assurance that no one applicant has more or less of a chance of funding due to a past or present connection, or inside knowledge of a Board Member.

The Role of the Grants and Giving Committee is to conduct three stages of review. The first stage is to read and score applications in a confidential and fair independent personal review. Second, the Committee conducts an objective peer panel review. Last, the Committee is responsible for submitting a Recommendations and Funding Report to the Board for full discussion, modification and final approval.

The Staff’s Role is to provide support and clarification only. Staff help assures that the Board adheres to policies and processes, as well as complies with the annual giving budget. Foundation staff administers funds in accordance with board and donor guidelines and annual income budgets.


THF’s Grant Cycle opens in the Summer of each year.


501c3 and public organizations located in THF’s service area – which includes Grayson and Fannin counties in Texas and Bryan and Marshall counties in Oklahoma.


Programs and projects that advance THF’s mission of promoting the health of area residents and that specifically address improving health awareness and access to health care services with a focus on under and uninsured residents and preventative care, or projects that increase the number of nursing professionals in the service area.

  • THF gives precedence to applicants with matching funds and strategies of sustainability that demonstrate a decreased dependability on foundation funds.


  • Direct donations or grants to individuals or nonprofits not designated as a 501c3 or exempt charitable organization by the IRS.
  • Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts.


  1. Complete and submit the Eligibility Form for approval. PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT AN ELIGIBILITY FORM!
  2. Upon approval, THF will request that you complete and submit a Full Application.
  3. THF’s grants committee will conduct an objective independent review of eligible organizations and submit recommendations to THF’s Board of Directors for approval.


Awards are made each year to nonprofit organizations working to:

  • Improve access to primary, preventive and follow up care for under/uninsured residents, as well as support health education and healthy living projects

Past awards include grants supporting access to primary care, mental health and dental services, substance abuse, hospice care, children’s diabetes programs, healthy living and health education.

  • Support programs and initiatives that increase the number of healthcare professionals in the Foundation’s service area with a focus on nursing

Past awards include grants supporting nurse faculty positions, video-education and lab equipment

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