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Endowments and Funds

Community Nursing Grants

Coummunity Nursing Grants Coummunity Nursing Grants
  • In addition to the development of national partnerships, THF’s community grants support nursing project’s with a goal to improve retention and graduation rates, thereby increasing the number of qualified registered nurses in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.
  • THF has supported our two area nursing colleges since 2007. Nursing schools cite the lack of faculty as the most challenging barrier to enrolling more students and both colleges received funds to address this need.
  • Grants from THF have covered the cost of instructors and support staff at Grayson County College in Denison, Texas leading to increased graduation rates, an increase in the number of local students entering the program and two enrollment periods per year.
  • East Central University (ECU) at Southeastern has also been a long time partner in Durant, Oklahoma. Projects have included the addition of nurse faculty, which were successfully sustained. This was a major success of the project. Additional projects have included investments in technology and lab.