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Mental Health

Mental Health

The involvement of THF in mental health goes beyond awarding grants to mental health projects. We value the many relationships and ties we have to mental health.

Meadows Foundation

Our solutions and actions include:

  • Managing Reba’s Ranch House and working with families who are often facing difficult times, some who will face major grief
  • Hosting multiple support groups
  • Participating in the Texas Mental Health Funders Network comprised of foundations interested in mental health across the State of Texas who meet quarterly to share successes and data
  • Partnering with the Meadows Foundation and supporting the development of the Meadows Mental Health Institute for the State of Texas
  • Hosting various local focus meetings to better understand the gaps in the local infrastructure
  • Collecting and analyzing local, state and national data to better understand the needs of Texoma

Okay to Say™ is a community driven movement initiated by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute. To learn more or to share your story, visit

THF hosts it’s 1st Mental Health Conference. Learn more

In partnership with Austin College, Connecting the Dots, Grayson College, the Jail Diversion/Homeless Forum, NEWCO, TCOG, United Way, and the Texas State of MIND the Behavioral Health Leadership Team was launched . The team will support area-wide mental health efforts by establishing a shared, strategic structure for coordinated planning and implementation of solutions.