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General Information

THF is consistently listening, reviewing and learning.


The Foundation underwent a comprehensive needs assessment analyzing national, state and detailed community needs data in comparison to the Foundation’s priorities at our five year anniversary. The assessment included, but was not limited to review of national and state benchmarks, mortality rates, county indicators; numerous private and public surveys conducted locally, focus groups and grantee reports. The assessment reconfirmed alignment with priorities and allowed THF to drill down on specific high level needs as sub-priorities.


THF believes in the power of results from the grants gifted each year and this cannot be accomplished without teamwork from grantees. Since inception, THF grantees have been required to submit six-month and end-of-the-year evaluation reports for review and processing. We are in the process of working to better ensure that our grantees have the tools to generate quality evidence that can provide informed decision making and motivate change.

We seek applications that do not simply request funds to support existing services, but give priority to those that are actively working with diverse partners, leveraging resources and create innovations that create change.