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Reba’s Ranch House

RRH History


I wanted the Ranch House to offer its guests all the comforts of home; a place to rest and relax among people who care, and an affordable haven for people who are lonely and afraid.

– Reba

Reba McEntire brought her first show to Texoma in 1987, and in 1992 she cut the ribbon to open Reba’s Ranch House. The city of Denison, the region of Texoma, and lives across the U.S. would continue to be touched by the dream of Reba. The House is a rare jewel for our communities and is a place where strangers are welcomed as family. It provides safe shelter and warm smiles for families, as well as peace of mind to hospital patients who know that their loved ones are being cared for and protected. It represents the kindness and compassion that reflects the heart of Reba and her love for the people of Texoma.

In 2010, Reba returned to Texoma to cut the ribbon to open a larger Reba’s Ranch House, built and dedicated to meet the growing needs of families visiting patients in hospitals across Texoma.

The land on which Reba’s Ranch House stands, our families walk and angels guard was graciously donated by Tom and Peggy Johnson.

The design of Reba’s Ranch House was generously donated by HKS Architectural and Design Firm, along with donations of services from CCRD, In-Design, ASI and Focus EGD.

The construction of the House was made possible through a $3.1 million commitment by the Texoma Health Foundation, reduced cost of services by General Contractor, Brasfield and Gorrie, material donations, naming opportunities and net proceeds from Memorial Day Events in 2007 and 2008.

RRH History

Preserving the Legacy
RRH History

From the planning stages of construction, to upkeep of our new facility, the Foundation considers the preservation of Reba’s Ranch House both an honor and a responsibility. Historical items that are the heart of the House and help us to tell its story, all found a new home at the site in 2010.

The original groundbreaking shovel signed in 1991, and again in 2009 hangs in the hallway near the Legacy Library. The Library is dedicated to the vision and devotion of the founding community leaders believing in the creation of Reba’s Ranch House over twenty years ago.

Two weather vanes that sat atop each guest wing of the original House now rest over the guest wing of the new House as a reminder to families staying at the House of the “winds of change”. The vanes were gifted by long-time supporter and friend, Bill Wilcox. The flag poles given by TMC as a gift of recognition to Jerdy and Anne Gary in memory of their mothers are now a well-recognized symbol of the House. The kitchen was designed to assure a special place for the handmade hutch donated for the first Reba’s Ranch House in memory of David Alan Ritchey by Debra Nicole and Cindy D’Ann Ritchey. The letters from the original Ranch House sign hang in the library.

The Memorial, in remembrance of the tragic loss of Reba’s tour manager and band members in 1991, was carefully moved with a prayer dedication and now rests in an area of the backyard specially selected for its placement. The large wooden quilt that was originally located over the fireplace hangs in the vestibule of the new House to greet guests as they enter. Quilts lovingly handmade by local quilters for the original house also have a new home at the Ranch House. The quilts were incorporated into the design of the original House as a symbol of comfort.

Tour Manager and Band Memorial