(903) 463-7322 (REBA)

Reba’s Ranch House



Reba’s Ranch House serves families of patients hospitalized in area hospitals (Alliance Health Durant & Madill, Texoma Medical Center, and Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center). Exceptions are also made for families in extraordinary circumstances during final days of hospice care.

  • The House includes twelve guest rooms with private baths
  • Facility include shared:
    • Play Room
    • Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Laundry Room, and
    • Library
  • Evening meals available when provided by restaurants, churches, and volunteers
  • Prayer support
  • Connections to support and community services
  • Local telephone calls
  • Day Room Services, Meal & Snack Items (access to common areas and shower facilities daily)
  • Free Wi-Fi and access to fax and delivery services