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Types of funds

Areas of Interest

Emergency Medical Services

An unrestricted fund is the best way to give back to Texoma in general rather than support a particular organization or cause.

The THF Grants Committee will undergo an intensive objective review of applicants in comparison to community needs with final recommendations approved by the THF Board of Directors with dollars dedicated to the most needed and worthy projects for the community to have the most impact year to year. These grantees are evaluated twice a year to assure donor return on investment.

Berry Endowment Letter
Funds from THF are disbursed from several different types of funds-unrestricted, donor advised and discretionary, all are designed to help donors achieve their specific charitable goals and community needs. The most popular type of fund is THF’s unrestricted fund. Grants from these funds allow the donor to have the connection to THF’s Grants and Giving Committee’s process.

An unrestricted fund can still be permanently endowed and named by or for the donor. A sustainable percentage of the fund’s balance is granted each year to charities identified as most in need in the Texoma region and selected by the governing Board of THF through a fair and independent competitive selection process by THF’s Grants and Giving Committee. An unrestricted fund is an effective way to leave a permanent named legacy in Texoma that can adjust over time to the needs of an ever changing community.

Restricted Gifts
Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds are established by donors who wish to participate actively in the grantmaking process. The donor recommends grants from the fund to the charitable project or organizations they want to support.

Scholarships Funds can be structured to benefit students at any education level or institution. A scholarship fund can also be created to honor a loved one.

  • CHAM – EMS school of choice
  • BERRY – Camp Sweeney

Field of interest support particular interest areas, specific program initiatives, causes or geographic areas. At the donor’s request, use of the funds can be restricted to a specified area of interest. They give to the financial resources and the general “field” to support and the foundation selects the grantees through grants and giving and/or administration.
THF Field of Interest Funds Include:

  • Children’s Clinic of Sherman: Children’s Emergency Services
  • Meyer Family: Health Professional Education
  • Friends of Mackey Watkins: Dialysis